A report on the controversial reality of the gulf war syndrome

A congressionally-mandated panel has concluded that "Gulf War syndrome" is real and that more than a quarter of theUS veterans of the conflict suffer from the illness. The report broke with most earlier studies by concluding that two chemical exposures were direct causes of the disorder: The report bolstered the hopes of thousands of U.

A report on the controversial reality of the gulf war syndrome

Print The Army memo about the bad batches of the Anthrax Vaccine circulating the web over the past week caused a great deal of confusion. Myself and another attorney created a video to explain the memo Here are five things you need to know. The Anthrax Vaccine program was highly controversial since its inception in The company manufacturing the non-FDA approved vaccine committed many errors in making the vaccine.

Numerous batches of the vaccine were known to be bad. Numerous veterans believe they were harmed by the vaccine. The majority of the injuries were transitory according to the US Army but some were not.

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Edgewood Arsenal Human Experimentsto The US Army Chemical Corps conducted classified experiments on soldiers to test protective clothing, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines. The Army covered this up for many decades and classified the experiments which prevented veterans harmed from the experiments from seeking medical attention and disability benefits for exposure to VX and sarin gas, Mustard agents, LSD and reactions to vaccines, to name just a few.

This resulted in a lawsuit. That lawsuit concluded the Army had a duty to notify veterans affected by the experimentation with new information affecting their health. During the war, soldiers were told the chemicals were harmless and not to worry. After returning home, many of the individuals experienced health problems that included birth defects in newborn children.

DOD and VA initially denied claims alleging the herbicide was responsible. Byonly claims were granted while 39, veterans claimed disabilities from exposure. Since then, VA acknowledged a list of presumptive conditions including various cancers, diabetes and spina bifida in children of soldiers sprayed with the toxin.

Exposure To Chemical Agents During the Gulf War, friendly forces destroyed a cache of the chemical weapons with the wind blowing back over US Army soldiers. Ina Newsweek investigation suggested the Army covered-up the exposure to sarin gas that resulted in many soldiers becoming permanently injured.

VA went on to develop a disability compensation scheme that was admonished by IG in for only granting 1 in 5 claims. Iraq War Yellow Cake It later surfaced that Saddam did not have yellow cake and that the run-up to the Iraq War was a production of numerous public relations firms.

Pat Tillman Cover-up Pat Tillman was a pro-football athlete who gave up his career to enlist in the US Army and became a Ranger. During his service in Afghanistan, Tillman came to the conclusion that the war was an illegal war being fought for the wrong reasons. He discovered US soldiers were guarding poppy fields used to manufacture heroin and planned to speak out against the war once his commitment ended.

Tillman was subsequently killed by friendly fire that removed his head from his body. The Army attempted to cover-up the fact that Tillman was killed by friendly fire and used the death for recruiting purposes. It later surfaces the numerous US Army generals were involved in the cover-up.Report to Congress: Gulf War Syndrome is Real A scientific panel chartered by Congress cites nerve gas drug and pesticides used during the conflict as being associated with veterans' neurological problems.

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A report on the controversial reality of the gulf war syndrome

associated with the controversial Gulf War Syndrome, which affects up to 30% of Australian Gulf War veterans. Gulf Some studies have questioned the extent to which Gulf War Syndrome is a physical reality for many Australian veterans.

Self-reporting of lung and neurological Australian veterans’ health: Gulf war Major-General (retd. government alleged to have used military and civilian populations as guinea pigs GULF WAR SYNDROME -- TIP OF THE ICEBERG I f your highest ambition in life is to become a highly evolved medical guinea pig, the U.S.

Army has a slogan for you, "Be all that you can be". The Realities of the Gulf War This movie kicks off at the very end of the Gulf War while America is liberating Kuwait. While searching through people on the grounds of the war some men come across a map which they believe will lead them to a stash of gold hidden by Saddam Hussein.

and Gulf War Syndrome Thousands of United States military personnel who served in the Persian Gulf War are now seriously incapacitated from "unknown" causes. For example, after one veteran returned from his stint of duty as an army platoon leader in the Persian Gulf, his health began to deteriorate.

GWVRP: Gulf War illness is real, report finds