Dissertation haiku blog

Prayer Request In this post. Writing Tips, No Comments Every student strives to achieve the best. One of the forefronts of forensic DNA research is the. Writing up a PhD can often take place in a frenzy of activity in the last few months of your degree study, after years of hard work.

Dissertation haiku blog

Both traditional and contemporary Japanese architecturebooks and magazines are the envy of Dissertation haiku blog worldwide.

Yet for some reason practically none of this mastery has been translated into digital products, in particular websites, most of which look like they hail from around Dense tightly packed text More columns than you can count Bright clashing colours and flashing banners Overuse of outdated technologies like Flash A beautiful haiku or minimal wabi-sabi they not.

Dissertation haiku blog

Linguistic Differences Photo by shootjapan. Cultural Differences Risk Avoidance — In general Japanese culture does not encourage risk taking or standing out from the crowd. Once a precedent has been set for things looking or behaving a certain way then everybody follows it, regardless of whether there is a better solution.


Even Japanese subcultures conform to their own fashions and rules. Advertising — Rather than being seen as a tool to enable people Japanese companies often see the web as just another advertising platform to push their message across as loudly as possible. The same chaotic busyness of the streets seems to have spilled over to the web.

Back then the screens were tiny and the way sites had to be designed to cram content into this small space has continued to influence the way things are now. Web Fonts — There is a lack of web fonts for non-latin languages Chinese, Japanese….

Dissertation haiku blog

This is because each font requires thousands of characters to be individually designed which is prohibitively expensive, time-consuming, and would take longer to download.

For these reasons designers tend to use graphics rather than plain text to display non-standard typefaces. On one side we have enormous conglomerates churning out uninspiring mass-produced conformity while on the other side we see master craftspeople making things of incredible beauty and functionality.

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More interesting discussion here: A lot of people have been commenting that much of the above also applies to websites in other regions of Asia so here are a few to look at for comparison —.Dissertation Haiku is exactly that: dissertations in haiku form.

Not holding true to more than syllable pattern, scholars are asked to submit discipline, name of institution, a sentence or two in plain English about what they do, and any email address or link. Doctoral Dissertations In Haiku. The site is a collection of actual doctoral dissertations that have been distilled into a single haiku.

These haiku are written and submitted by the graduate. the role of the federal trial judge. please note that this blog ended forever on july 9, Dissertations are Long and Boring "This indisputable fact is the impetus behind the genius blog Dissertation Haiku, which explains itself thus: Dissertations are long and boring.

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