Frality thy name is woman essay

Do you believe his tenders, as you call them? This shows Ophelia is impressionable and not strong enough to disobey her father. By her quick and victimised reply, she appears rehearsed and trained into obeying her father.

Frality thy name is woman essay

This world has become a global village and today the woman has become an essential part of our society we have entered in the 21st century where the woman plays a vitel role in the progress of the country today woman helps woman todays woman is much stronger to face the hurdles and difficulties lie in the life but in this vast world we can find one who really have been underappricaited for the most difficult and monotonous jobs around most of the woman toatlly depends on others becz they feel they have not much strenght and power to face the reality and cliamities of the world it is becz one of the reason that woman is emtional or u can say woman is sensitive.

Frality thy name is woman essay

Shaksphare has narrated the quote very beautifully and give the moral as well as social vlaues that give the respect to woman in the society. He characterized the woman as a weak espicially in the quote but his aim to make woman powerful. If we have a little glance to the past then woman have no moral as well as social vlaues woman are d-garde by everyone his value not more then a slave but islam has given the respect to the woman and learn how to live and face the challenges of the world education was not considered as important for the woman and were being heighly unappriciated by the past era but islam has made necessary to get education for woman, woman were sold freely in an open market but islam has given the moral respect and now woman have prominant position in the socity and are viewed by respect.

So, Islam has played a vital role and support for woman to come out the dark side of the corner. Woman is the much caring then men No doubt. This caring behaviour makes the woman weak bcoz she always think about the minimal things that is not importan in exisitant she is so pasimistic at certain extent and that behaviour makes the woman fraile and weakens the willpower to demand to be listen to.

In the above qoute sheakhspere charctrerized the OPHELIA charecter name many time as a weak woman bcoz she is totally dependent on her father and and no to do anything without his father support this fact also makes the woman very weak it leads the woman lack of confideance and do not well in practical life bcoz she is habbitual of supporting and always wait n watch that someone come and help her so this really have a bad impression on one presonality and lack the willpower too.

Some are counted who are greatly influanced from the finncial problems i would example this kind of catogary with the help of qoute and an example there is not any home in this wolrd not any town, city, village how has not hitted are suffering from finanicial problems why these finaincial problems are and what are the causes and what are the effects who inflauance these serious matters.

Many woman husband passed away and they do the same thing re-marry for protection for thier childeran future so this way we can say "Frailty Thy Name Is Woman" Well as far as quote the same thing happened when Hamlet's father die his mother married with his uncle after a few months and make Hemlate angry this shows clearly and a wide discription of a woman weakness and unhealthy and have great effect on childeren i mean on HamLet.

Next, what we should to do what are our role in the media to overcome this what should we do to give courage woman frailge? I can provide you the programme called OPRAH where one episode is totally based on woman frailge where the suffering of frailge woman freely exchange there problems so should also do the same.

We should maintaine a platform that is totally based on this work we should fully support to woman and help in every matter and assure. Realtions should give some values woman are not considered be a toy and the games should be all over that a men play with a woman life that weakens the power of woman job oppurtunities should equal as men liberty should be the woman right We should support and courage with millions of clapping and hand on thier backso that sound and words do not loss courage in them thier should be complete planning on woman rights that help in her in thier futures.

Woman are playing a prominante role in this world without woman the progres and imporvement i impossible. If we want to be well mannered,prosper,prestigious and happy in our life then should respect the woman and give equal rights as islam also teaches us.

Bcoz a girl next to be woman and a woman next to be a mother and under the feet of mother the pradise lie and we all want to be enjoy the luxary goods and all that of pradise then we should acts on the above mention words we people who give respect to woman and we people who make the woman strong and powerful Pudon me if i do anything wrong and not on yr expectations i ill try my hard best to explain this plz remeber me in yr prayersNov 05,  · hi my forum frnds i m in dire need of ur ppl's help can i hav a speech on this topic "frailty thy name is women",i knw u ppl r gona b helpful thanx looking forward to help.

Frality thy name is woman essay

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"Frality Thy Name is Woman" Essay - The term “woman” is defined in the dictionary as an adult female human being having characteristics such as courtesy, kindness, gentility, and nurturing abilities.

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