How to start writing an anonymous blog

I am a domestic violence survivor, as well as other issues. I know I am a great writer.

How to start writing an anonymous blog

When the internet first became popular, many people loved the idea of creating a new identity online. Name, gender, age, hobbies …anything and everything could be fabricated. But in the era of Web 2. Nowadays, your readers want to know that you are who you say you are, and for a lot of bloggers that includes using your real name.

As one of those anonymous bloggers, I want to share with you the reasons why some people choose to blog this way, a few different methods to hide your identity, and a couple of things to keep in mind if you decide to go the anonymous route.

For example, the once anonymous author Belle De Jour completed her PhD and began her career as a scientific researcher while blogging about her other job as a sex worker.

Being public with her identity from the get-go would almost certainly have limited her career options. As another aside and this is especially true for bloggers who write about sensitive subjects like sex, sex work, and pornography blogging anonymously helps to control the risk of stalkers—those people who are determined to pay you unwanted and uninvited attention.

Honesty—Anonymous blogging allows some people to be more than honest than they might be if their real name was attached. In the same way that Superman was a cooler version of Clark Kent, your blog identity can be a cooler version of you. For example, my alter-ego Treacle is mellower, sexier, and more outgoing than the chick who shows up at my dayjob.

Ways to Blog Anonymously Full-on anonymity—This style of anonymous blogging uses an obviously fake name think John Doeno photographs, no birthdate, no city, no hobbies, nothing identifying whatsoever. Semi-anonymity—In this type, you use a false name but share some identifying details.

This is how I blog right now.

how to start writing an anonymous blog

So are other details like my hobbies, interests, relationship status, and so on. In this style, you choose an authentic sounding first and last name, complete with its own Twitter, Facebook, mailing address, activities, and so on.

But the downside is that if it ever comes out you created a fictitious personality and put it out there as your own, your readers can feel massively betrayed. You also have to start doing this from the very beginning of your blog for it to work effectively. How to Blog Anonymously?

Other bloggers write while offline, and then copy and paste the entire post into the blog while Tor is turned on. You should also consider setting up separate Twitter, Facebook, and Paypal accounts and perhaps even buying a P.

Second, spend some time thinking about your pseudonym. Whatever you pick, that will be the identity always associated with your blog.

how to start writing an anonymous blog

In the same vein, spend some time thinking about your boundaries. What are you okay with sharing? What is absolutely off limits?

What are you unsure about right now but will revisit a month or two down the road? For example, I never share the names or any identifying details of friends, family, and intimate partners on my blog. Third and finally, just keep your mouth shut. What are Some Other Things to Consider?

The only foolproof way to keep from being found out is to never blog at all. One day, someone will recognize you and very possibly expose you.

So, before blogging about anything, think about the potential consequences of that exposure. Anonymous blogging is not a free pass to be an asshole. Nice, nasty, or in between the people you attract are going to reflect what you write.

If you have any questions about lingerie or anonymous blogging! She welcomes lingerie lovers of every nation and persuasion to her blog, The Lingerie Addict. Search I need help toUpdate: We recently launched a service that significantly helps you understand, troubleshoot, and improve IIS and web you regularly troubleshoot IIS errors, manage Windows Servers, or tune performance, definitely check out the demo at Do set up a new email account to register your blog, which doesn't have your name or details attached to it.

Don't link your blog to a Twitter account which gives your name away; Do log out when you've finished.

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Don't post photos. Especially not photos you've taken. Do register a domain name anonymously. Choose a word and just begin to write everything you can from that word. This particular entry is based on writing from your name. It's an easy word to help kids get started because most of them have strong feelings (good or bad!) about their names.

Oct 17,  · Continuing with nontraditional formats, one might think forgoing the Internet and its relentless tracking built in to the infrastructure might be a good idea, and consider writing an entire website/blog in a notebook and then distributing that notebook to your audience. It’s much easier to have a blog and keep your privacy and identity secret in than ever before.

Several anonymous blogging platforms that have strong privacy and ethical principles and that support the open web are available for you to use. 31 July, Configuring anonymous public shares with Samba 3. On the fileserver I run, I use samba to conveniently access my files. I like Samba.

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