How to write a simple test plan

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How to write a simple test plan

The One Page Test Plan by Claire Reckless Search for 'How to write a test plan' on the internet and there are all sorts of templates, 'must haves', tutorials and lots more. When it comes to creating test plans, there are so many ways to do it, and so many things to consider, it's easy to end up more confused than you were before.

People end up putting certain information in 'just to be on the safe side', as it seems better to include it than not. It might be important to someone, right? Once it's written, reviewed, edited, finalised, and distributed to all the relevant stakeholders, it's quite common to find out later than almost no-one has actually read it.

Spending ages creating lengthy test documentation that no one ends up reading or using, can be incredibly frustrating. One problem is that management doesn't always have time to read a huge document, they want to know the most important things. James Whittaker wrote about the 10 Minute Test Plan a few years ago, describing the challenge he set for his team.

how to write a simple test plan

The aim there was to get to the value of a test plan, if there were any, as quickly as possible. Let's try and look at it from a different perspective, but with a similar aim. This time, the challenge isn't time, it's space.

We're going to think about how we can reduce a test plan to one page. We can write any document to record or communicate information, in this case, the information we want to communicate is about how we plan to test a software product.

We can do this in a variety of different ways. After reading the test plan we want the reader to have more knowledge and hopefully, a greater understanding of the product under test, how the testing will be conducted for a feature or a release, any risks, and other information that might be helpful.

A test plan may also be used as a 'shield' of sorts. If something goes wrong, it could be necessary to refer back to the test plan document, to find missed scope, lack of test coverage, or to see what the agreed scope of testing was.

how to write a simple test plan

In a regulated or very controlled environment it could be a mandatory part of the testing cycle, a legal requirement even, or a deliverable of the project. You might not write a test plan with the intention of communicating it to others.

Writing down what you plan to do can assist you in organising your thoughts. When you see something presented in front of you, it can help you learn, or understand what is missing from the plan.

Take a mindmap for instance, the visual representation is an intuitive way to link and group concepts together through association and reflects the non linear way the brain generates ideas. The use of imagery enhances creative thinking and memory and can prompt you to fill in more detail and see where there are gaps in your plan.

Simple Test Plan Template Luxury Business Plans Examples Australia Map – How to Write A Well planned and executed test ensures good quality software.
Test Case? What is this? The goal of UI Testing is to ensure that the User Interface provides the user with the appropriate access and navigation through the functions of the applications.

Maaret recently shared some great information on exploratory testing self management and how you can also use notes to plan and manage your testing, including information about your testing mission, as well as any charters you are going to use to guide you. It's possible your project doesn't require a test plan.

The One Page Test Plan | MoT

An organization could communicate information about testing activities differently, maybe it doesn't produce any documentation at all.A test plan is a detailed document that outlines the test strategy, Testing objectives, resources (manpower, software, hardware) required for testing, test schedule, Test Estimation and test deliverables.

11+ Simple Test Plan Templates A Test Plan Template is much needed when you are about to test the usability of a software application.

Like any major event, it’s better to proceed here with a planned approach and the test plan enables you to . Simple Test Plan for a webpage. Here is an example of a very simple test plan for a webpage. The test can be conducted in front of a computer screen, or over a piece of paper (a printed copy of the webpage) in a coffee shop.

We are going to show you how to write a simple and straightforward test plan, which will provide a more systematic method for testing your website but the process outlined below is still essentially a manual one.

This test plan describes the testing approach and overall framework that will drive the testing of the OrangeHRM Version – My Info site. The document introduces: Test Strategy: rules the test will be based on, including the givens of the project (e.g.: start / end.

To know how to write a test plan one must first learn to plan a test. Planning test is a real thinker task. You should be asking a hell lot of question to learn about the domain of the project.

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