How to write an academic encyclopedia entry

Always put the significance of the person, event, or organization you are writing on in the first sentence of your entry, e. Do not copy information from other websites such as Wikipedia.

How to write an academic encyclopedia entry

Writing an encyclopedia-style essay can be a fun and easy assignment if you know what you are doing. Start by checking out a variety of encyclopedias at your local library to see how articles are formatted.

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Each article typically includes a brief definition or description of the assigned subject, followed by a broad examination of the topic that includes a number of sub-sections. When writing your own article, remember that it should provide a comprehensive view of the subject without going into complicated detail.

Consider selecting a particular animal, specific food, a country or an historical figure. Confine your online research to reputable information sites and news articles. This will get you off to a solid start. Read books, or even encyclopedias, for further information. Take notes and cross-reference information to assure accuracy.

Create an outline for your article. Write a one-or-two- sentence synopsis and then list each of the subsections. For each subsection, create bullet-points of information. Here is an example featuring President John Kennedy as the subject: Kennedy was an American politician who became the President of the United States in His term was cut short when he was assassinated in Use a formal, authoritative tone.

Avoid literary license or technique.

how to write an academic encyclopedia entry

Resist the urge to editorialize. Avoid using personal pronouns or addressing the reader directly. Objectivity is the goal. Kennedy was born in to a wealthy Irish family. Kenney was born in to Joseph and Rose Kennedy. Although he was sickly as a child, he was successful in school and entered the Navy in Bold each subsection headline.

Body appears in regular typeface. Revise your article, paying careful attention to spelling and grammatical errors. Warning Plagiarizing can cause you to receive a failing grade on the paper. The more information you have about a subject, the easier it becomes to write from the heart.Guidelines and Policies for Entry Content.

In this document, we develop guidelines and policies concerning the content of entries written for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.. Entry Substance, Style and Length. 1) Each encyclopedia entry should be approximately to words in total (including title, sources, contributor information, etc.).

Always put the significance of the person, event, or organization you are writing on in the first sentence of your entry, e.g., John Smith, the first African American elected to Congress from Idaho, was born. The Encyclopedia of Arkansas is a free, authoritative source of information about the rich history, geography, and culture of Arkansas.

It is updated regularly to ensure the people of Arkansas have an accurate and accessible resource to explore our heritage.

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Stanley Milgram (August 15, – December 20, ) was an American social served on the faculty at Yale University, Harvard University, and the City University of New at Yale, he conducted a seminal series of experiments on obedience to authority, which have come to be known simply as the infamous "Milgram experiment.".

Publication information beyond the name of the encyclopedia, its edition number, and the title of the entry is not necessary. You can include this information (in parentheses, similar to a regular book citation) if you believe it useful for identifying the enecyclopedia you are citing, but it is not necessary.

how to write an academic encyclopedia entry

Gertrude Elizabeth Margaret Anscombe was one of the most gifted philosophers of the twentieth century. Her work continues to strongly influence philosophers working in .

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