Instruction writing activities ks2

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Instruction writing activities ks2

Mark Warner The following page outlines a variety of activities relating to the theme "instructions" which can be carried out in the classroom.

Before you try them, it might be a good idea to collect a set of instructional texts and resources, such as: Ask them to read the instructions and discuss what they are for.

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They should also evaluate the instructions in terms of ease of use Are the instructions clear? Would you be able to follow them to achieve the desired outcome? Is the chosen presentation appropriate? Would you prefer more diagrams or more text?

The children would have to choose appropriate vocabulary for the level of the intended audience. Jumble up the sections, and ask the children to put them into the correct order. In the story, George makes four different medicines, so the class could make instructions for one, or for all four comparing them to see what why the last three did not have the same effect as the original.

For example, if they were interested in animals, they could make some instructions showing how to care for animals properly. If they liked computers, they could explain how to play their favourite computer game.

This activity might require some time beforehand for the children to find out more information about their topic. If the children have just designed and made a project, they could write some instructions telling others how to make their project, or how to use it properly.

instruction writing activities ks2

This will encourage them to use text and pictures in their instructions, and to break their instructions down into a number of small steps.

I let them go around the building one team at a time.

instruction writing activities ks2

Then they give their directions to another team to follow exactly as they wrote them even though they know how to get to the places! They report back as to where they ended up. It really emphasises the need for specific directions.

I like to do this as the opening activity so they are focussed on giving the best details they can when they write their own instructions.This list of grants has been compiled to aid schools, youth groups, the environmental, outdoor and play sectors with finding funding for a range of outdoor ventures and initiatives.

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