Poverty effect on education essay

It is becoming the norm, and we appear reluctant to address it. We have the steps in place to change it--and we've had these steps for over half a century.

Poverty effect on education essay

Student Answers atyourservice Student They might not be able to have sufficient food for school, also some school supplies are expensive so they might not be able to get all their supplies.

Also if the school is not a uniform song the child might not feel confident about their clothes and might try to avoid going to school. And they might think school is too expensive college making them choose to leave school and not continue with their education to the higher level.

Most likely those who are in poverty attend schools with poor budgets and teachers that fail to care. Also those who are poverty ridden would have the worse nutrition and skip meals in order to save money. We all know what happens when meals are skipped.

It becomes difficult to maintain a straight head aside from the constant rumbling of your tummy. Also, poverty would also result in lower accessibility to education in some regions for financial reasons.

Lastly, people in poverty care more about survival than anything else. Thus, children coming from poor backgrounds might place or be forced to place less emphasis on education.

Hence people in poverty are unable to get education, because their primary motive is not knowledge but it is money that allows them to eat, whatever amount is needed for them of fulfill their need of survival.

Wiggin42 Student Poverty certainly affects education,as it is getting expensive to get a graduate degree. Apart from that every stages of learning need recurrent expenses which in turn discourages poor students to pursue higher studies.

Along with tuition fees, books and resource materials are also increasing consistently is also affect in getting a degree. For example, there are some families who can't afford their children to attend school.

Sometimes the children needs to work in order to help out the family. Nutrition is also important for one to be successful in school.

Some family might not be able to afford the right amount of nutrition a child needs. In some country there are children who can't afford to go to school and they have to work to earn money to feed themselves.

The poor children doesn't get education because they can't afford to go. When they don't have money they can't afford to buy anything such as school supplies or pay for school fees. This is how poverty affects education.

Everybody should try to help decrease poverty so that it wont affect their education. Some of these factors are as follows. This problem can become serious if conditions are so bad that they dong get adequate nourishment. Poorer students are likely to have parents, family members and neighbours who are also less educated.

Poverty effect on education essay

This situation may further get aggravated if they have only one parent or the parents are too busy to spend time with their children. Education is also aided by general exposure to the world in general.

Poorer student are likely to have less of such exposure.

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For example, they are less likely to travel much in their holidays. Poverty can lead to low self esteem. Children from poverty stricken homes are quick to notice that other children dress better than they do and they can become embarrassed which can cause them to withdraw in class which creates a bad learning environment.

If there is poverty in the home children are not to participate in some activities which fosters team work and binding with your peers, if there is a cost incurred.

A child growing up in poverty is exposed to some of the lowest facets of life. They may be products of young parents who dropped out of school, addicted to drugs, drug dealers, foster parents etc They have seen and experienced many activities that average children may never experience.

Poverty can affect the child's education by exposing him or her to one side of life. They are learning more so how to survive than how to obtain an education to help them leave that socioeconomic status behind and provide a better future for himself or herself.

Poverty may have the child's mind preoccupied with health issues of an aging grandparent who may be the primary caregiver. With that being said, he or she may have to dispense medication, miss days at school, and fall behind academically.

Education is placed on the back burner of life because taking care of family is more important. Poverty subjects children to thinking that even though they are working for making minimum wage, at least they have a job.

Even though these funds are minimal, a small income is better than no income.Jul 24,  · Poverty affects our education, our economy, and our future. It is becoming the norm, and we appear reluctant to address it.

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The Effects Of Poverty On Education Education Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: ). Poverty has about a 50% effect on achievement and parenting has a 40% effect on parenting within the study (Kiernan & Mensah, ). Kiernan and Mensah show that although that poverty negatively affects a child, positive parenting practices can.

The effects of child poverty are diverse and destructive. Not only can the children have adverse psychological health issues, but physical health problems as well.

Children from poorer families exhibit more emotional problems than do children that are from economically stable families.

The Effects of Poverty in a Country Essay - Background of the study There is broad evidence that poverty is the biggest problem in the economic, social and political .  Poverty: Affects on Education Final Paper Beatrice Walker Dr. Phillips EDFN /, Human Relations 7 May Poverty: Affects on Education Poverty is the lack of basic necessities such as food, clothing, clean and safe shelter along with safe drinking water, all of which determine the quality of life.

Effect of poverty on education essay