Scarlet letter book report

I've received a lengthy, considerate reply from the publisher explaining more about the manga format and how they're attempting to make literature more accessible for all readers.

Scarlet letter book report

When Pearl is on walks with her mother, she occasionally finds herself surrounded by the curious children of the village. Rather than attempt to make friends with them, she pelts them with stones and violent words.

This chapter develops Pearl both as a character and as a symbol. Pearl is a mischievous and almost unworldly child, whose uncontrollable nature reflects the sinful passion that led to her birth.

Pearl is a product of pre-marital sex, and this action is thought to be that of the devil.

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Which then brings to light the question, can something good come from something so bad? She is, in fact, the personification of that act. Even as a baby, she instinctively reaches for the scarlet letter.

Hawthorne says it is the first object of which she seemed aware, and she focuses on the letter in many scenes. As a symbol, Pearl always keeps Hester aware of her sin.

Just as Dimmesdale cannot escape to Europe because Chillingworth has cut off his exit, Pearl always keeps Hester aware that there is no escape from her passionate nature.

Scarlet letter book report

Coming from a more natural and modern point of view people would tend toward saying that Hester is in no way deserving of the punishment she has been deemed. She is used as a public message to all those who have doubt in their mind.

The other children are particularly cruel because they can sense that something is not quite right about Hester and her child. Knowing that she is alone in this world, Pearl creates casts of characters in her imagination to keep her company.

This chapter is one of the most important in my mind, bringing to light the contrast of light and dark within Pearl, and the themes of the natural world vs.

Ideas that Hawthorne plants in your head during this chapter lead to bigger ideas in the book that help the reader to understand. Pearl and this chapter are both beautiful, vigorous, and graceful.Book Reviews (Classic works have few, if any, mainstream press reviews Amazon and Barnes & Noble for helpful customer reviews.) The Scarlet Letter, a romantic work of fiction in a historical setting is considered Nathaniel Hawthorne's magnum in 17th-century Puritan Boston during the years to , it tells the story of Hester Prynne, who conceives a daughter through .

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Nov 08,  · For scarlet letter essay topics, of course the first step is to read the book. You might have to read the book a couple of times to get a deeper understanding of the storyline.

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Give yourself sometime between the readings so you can have a clear mind. Mar 26,  · Report Abuse. Comment. Add a comment. The Scarlet Letter is a book written in the s by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Scarlet letter book report

It is about a woman who commits adultery and is forced to wear a scarlet(red) letter A on her chest for the rest of her life as a punishment.

Pretty famous Resolved. The Scarlet Letter Book Report. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Pearl, the child of Hester Prynne, always saw her mother with the scarlet letter “A”on her bosom, and did not want to get closer to her mother when Hester without the scarlet letter called her in the forest.

Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale was a preacher and was thought by.

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