Schweppes malt launch in ghana

Soft drinks; are sparkling beverages which are non-alcoholic carbonated drinks containing flavourings, sweeteners and other ingredients. No matter what your taste, sparkling beverages come in many forms, including regular, low-calorie, no-calorie, caffeinated and caffeine-free drinks. Sparkling beverages also contain small amounts of sodium, primarily from the water used to produce the beverage.

Schweppes malt launch in ghana

The box contains 12 of the millilitre-volume bottle and is being sold at an affordable price. Speaking to the Ghana News Agency on Tuesday at the Ministries Area in Accra, where the company had mounted a stand, Miss Eve Evelynking in charge of Business Development, said management of the Company had earmarked a number of strategic places in Accra to mount their stand so as to sell their products in boxes.

She said the promotion team would spend another day at the Ministries area and on Thursday move to other places including the premises of Tullow Ghana Limited to ply their commercial activity there. Miss Evelynking added that the Broll Buildings in Accra which housed a number of corporate institutions including telecom and banks, will be next place to carry out the promotion.

She said the company was offering to the public free t-shirts, school bags, and other souvenirs as part of the promotion.

A sparkling tradition since 178

The team also provided free tasting of the drinks including the different flavours of its Minutes Maid drink products. The Ghana News Agency spotted some patrons happily having a free taste of some of the drinks on offer; whiles others carried some of the boxes of bottle drinks they had purchased.

Schweppes malt launch in ghana

The patrons expressed joy that they could now conveniently carry a Coca-Cola bottled product in a box home.The Company’s core carbonated beverages include Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Diet Coke / Coca-Cola Light, Coca-Cola Zero, Schweppes, Thumbs Up, Fresca, Inca Kola, Lift and Barq’s.

Its energy drinks include Burn, Nos and Real Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company is not only quenching the thirst in 13 countries across Africa, but is simultaneously contributing to the continent’s social and environmental development; as is currently being seen in  · Speaking at the launch of the product in Accra, yesterday, the Country Manager of Nestlé Ghana, Mrs Freda Duplan, noted that child malnutrition was of a major concern in Ghana, where iron deficiency was common, with irreversible negative effects  · Boateng, managing director of Cadbury's operations in Ghana, will launch tomorrow a £44m investment programme for the country's cocoa industry designed to safeguard it  · Ghana s reigning Rapper of the Year, barnweddingvt.comt has announced his end of year concert, barnweddingvt.comtivities Slated for Friday December 20 at Alliance Francaise in Accra, barnweddingvt.comtivities which is  · Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited, has announced the launch of Schweppes Novida, a new sophisticated fruit flavoured light malt non-alcoholic beverage in

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