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Seeking arrangement summary

By the second decade of the 20th century, Home Rule, or limited Irish self-government, was on the brink of being conceded due to the agitation of the Irish Parliamentary Party.


In response to the campaign for Home Rule which started in the s, unionists, mostly Protestant and largely concentrated in Ulster, had resisted both self-government and independence for Ireland, fearing for their future in an overwhelmingly Catholic country dominated by the Roman Catholic Church.

Inunionists led by Edward Carson signed the Ulster Covenant and pledged to resist Home Rule by force if necessary. The outbreak of the First World War in and Ireland's involvement in the war temporarily averted possible civil war in Ireland and delayed the resolution of the question of Irish independence.

Home Rule, although passed in the British Parliament with Royal Assentwas suspended for the duration of the war. Many of those who stayed were radical nationalists, among them Irish Republican Brotherhood infiltrators. Their victory was aided by the threat of conscription for First World War service.

The Irish War for Independence followed, leading to eventual independence in for the Irish Free Statewhich comprised 26 of the 32 Irish counties. This partition of Ireland was confirmed when the Parliament of Northern Ireland exercised its right in December under the Anglo-Irish Treaty of to "opt out" of the newly established Irish Free State.

After the Irish Civil War of —, this part of the treaty was given less priority by the new Dublin government led by W. Cosgraveand was quietly dropped. As counties Fermanagh and Tyrone and border areas of LondonderryArmaghand Down were mainly nationalist, the Irish Boundary Commission could reduce Northern Ireland to four counties or less.

While this arrangement met the desires of unionists to remain part of the United Kingdom, nationalists largely viewed the partition of Ireland as an illegal and arbitrary division of the island against the will of the majority of its people.

They argued that the Northern Ireland state was neither legitimate nor democratic, but created with a deliberately gerrymandered unionist majority.

Seeking arrangement summary

This would come to have a major impact on Northern Ireland. Although the IRA was proscribed on both sides of the new Irish borderit remained ideologically committed to overthrowing both the Northern Ireland and the Free State governments by force of arms to unify Ireland.

The government of Northern Ireland passed the Special Powers Act ingiving sweeping powers to the government and police to do virtually anything seen as necessary to re-establish or preserve law and order.

The Act continued to be used against nationalists long after the violence of this period had come to an end. From a unionist perspective, Northern Ireland's nationalists were inherently disloyal and determined to force unionists into a united Ireland. This threat was seen as justifying preferential treatment of unionists in housing, employment and other fields.

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The prevalence of larger families and thus the potential for a more rapid population growth among Catholics was seen as a threat. Unionist governments ignored Edward Carson 's warning in that alienating Catholics would make Northern Ireland inherently unstable.

After the early s, there were occasional incidents of sectarian unrest in Northern Ireland. These included severe rioting in Belfast in the s and s, and the IRA's brief Northern Campaign in the s and Border Campaign between andwhich did not enjoy broad popular support among nationalists.The below summary is very thorough and contains massive spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

You have been warned.

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