The controversy of culture specific mascots names logos and slogans in sports

Manish Tripathi When we started this endeavor, we had no intention of spending time thinking and writing about mascots. What we did plan on, was writing about sports marketing assets such as team brands. However, as we have progressed we have found ourselves going beyond measurement of team brands to also look into how valuable brands are created. We have been surprised by the interest generated by our previous work on mascots.

The controversy of culture specific mascots names logos and slogans in sports

March 16, The Crusader has been the Holy Cross mascot since The president of the College of the Holy Cross said the school will no longer use the image of a knight as a logo and mascot even though the college will keep the Crusaders nickname.

In a letter to students, alumni and staff, president of the College of the Holy Cross the Rev. Philip Boroughs wrote that the imagery of a knight is a reminder of the religious violence associated with the Crusades.

Holy Cross will now use an interlocking HC on a purple shield as its logo. This came after months of debate and Holy Cross announcing it would keep its mascot. The small Catholic college reaffirmed that students, athletes and alumni will continue to be known as Crusaders who fight for social justice.

This story originally aired on November 17, The College of the Holy Cross is considering whether to change its mascot, The Crusader, which is depicted as a sword-wielding, purple cape-wearing knight.

Mascot metamorphosis – The Daily Aztec Bears Of the eight predators on this list, it is interesting to note that seven are either individual species or generic collections of species whose numbers have declined precipitously in the past years, hunted to the brink of extinction.

The Catholic college in Worcester, Massachusetts is concerned about how the mascot portrays the school to the outside world. The Crusader has been the Holy Cross mascot for nearly years, but this semester the college's president Rev.

Philip Boroughs asked students, faculty and alumni to consider whether it's still appropriate. Some letters come from students.

The discussion all started in earnest two years ago. Mulledy's ties to Georgetown University's sale of slaves in led many students and faculty to demand a change. The committee also urged the college consider whether The Crusader mascot is insensitive to Muslims and whether it best represents the school's Catholic values.

The Latin word for cross is crux and crusader is someone who promotes, supports, fights for the cross of Christ. Of course, Holy Cross isn't the only school wrestling with controversial symbols. Harvard Law School recently changed its shield, which was modeled on the family crest of a slaveholder.

The mascot was a caricature of Lord Jeffrey Amherst, a British colonial general who supported giving smallpox-infested blankets to Native Americans. As the debate at Holy Cross shows, changing a mascot is a challenge to tradition.

But senior Fred Boehrer said the holy warrior image doesn't fit the school's values. Not everyone, though, considers the mascot a problem. In the campus gift shop, Kevin Scully, class ofwas doing some early Christmas shopping.

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He said administrators are being overly sensitive and he wants the college to keep The Crusader. Holy Cross and the Holy Cross Crusaders. So to me, it wasn't that big of a deal. The Holy Cross Board of Trustees is expected to make a final decision early next year.

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Interview with Father Philip Boroughs.Opposition to the mascot continued to grow, and in seven tribes stated their request for the abolishment of the name: Spirit Lake Nation, Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Sisseton/Wahpeton Sioux Tribe, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, .

Some teams use generic Indian names, such as Indians, Braves, or Chiefs, while others adopt specific tribal names like Seminoles, Cherokees, or Comanches. Indian mascots exhibit either idealized or comical facial features and "native" dress, ranging from body-length feathered (usually turkey) headdresses to more subtle fake buckskin attire or.

Aug 24,  · The real history of Native American team names. Mascots such as Indians and Redskins proliferated in the early s. The Washington Redskins name and logo has been criticized for . The controversy surrounding Native American mascots first came into the public eye during the s Native American Civil Rights movement, where the use of these mascots .

“What is the problem with naming sports teams and mascots after Aboriginal people?” Is a refrain that is often heard throughout North America. Aboriginal is the term used in Canada to describe First Nations (Indians), Metis (People of Indian & European blood), and Inuit (Eskimo).

The controversy of culture specific mascots names logos and slogans in sports

American Indian sports mascots exist under a double bubble of mythological padding. One layer is the mythology that surrounds, in this case, college sports and the "student athlete." The other consists of the deeply planted myths we have absorbed about American Indians.

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