The function of news

Functions of the Media Being the Common Carrier The media plays a common-carrier role by providing a line of communication between the government and the people. This communication goes both ways:

The function of news

A look at some notable concussions in professional sports through the years "You have these guys that have been going to the same house for 25 years. And all of the sudden they get to a certain point on their way home and they have to call their wives to get the directions home.

So that is something that really hit home for me after having experienced so many concussions," said Rice. On Monday, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland made a similar decision, retiring after his rookie season at the age of For Rice, early retirement ended an NFL career that began in as a second round draft pick followed by four seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.

He exploded on the scene as a year-old incatching 83 passes for 1, yards and "looking like a future superstar," said CBSSports.

Rice was voted to the Pro Bowl after the season, and tied a league record with three receiving touchdowns in the NFC Divisional Playoffs against Dallas in Though Rice had no signs of post-concussion disorder when he retired, he said he wanted to leave the game before that changed. It's time to try to help people out.

David Grand, a brain trauma specialist who focuses on concussions, said many retired athletes are now realizing how professional sports permanently changed them.

So when theirs is less than the average person, they've gone from a peak to a valley. He called Rice's decision to retire rather than risk further injury "incredible. Athletes are wired to play and wired to perform. And athletes are not really taught to protect themselves.

You don't want to your opponent to see your hurt.

The function of news

So a lot of people try to rub the doctors off and tell them that they're fine, which they're really not. I've done the same things in games," he said.

Protecting his future was Rice's main motivation in quitting the NFL, he said. Rice hopes parents and kids will learn from his story and understand the risks of contact sports. He cautions against the competitive impulse to stay in the game even after injury.

They go, they play, their done and that's that. If we continue along that path then what kind of example are we setting for the youth that's coming along?The liver is the largest solid organ in the human body.

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It performs essential tasks, including detoxification, protein synthesis, and the production of digestive chemicals. As long as We are leaders in the exploration of the brain who are dedicated to discovering how to enhance, preserve and restore brain health and performance across the lifespan.

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The function of news

These symbols will be available during your session for use on applicable pages. Mastering Negative Thinking and Doubts Before and During Your Races. Mental process or mental function are all the things that individuals can do with their include perception, judgement memory, thinking (such as ideation, imagination, belief, reasoning, etc.), volition, and emotion..

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The Functions of the Mass Media