The kite runner theme of storytelling

Often, that means putting everything on hold other than what is most urgent.

The kite runner theme of storytelling

It is not just ethnic purity that Assef and others like him are after, but also cultural purity. The aim is a pure Pashtun people and culture, and the prevalence of American culture in Afghanistan threatens this goal.

As a result, the influence of American culture in Afghanistan will be wiped out almost entirely during the years that Amir calls the end of Afghanistan as they know it.

In fact, the overall theme of the section is change, in politics, in society, and in the personal lives of Amir and Hassan. In Chapter 4, for instance, Amir recognizes his gift for storytelling, first when he strays from the text he is reading to Hassan and then when he writes his own short story.

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Hassan also undergoes a change: The deformity is something Hassan has known all his life. It is, in a way, a marker of who he is: The surgery removes that marker, and again it is as if a balance is upset.

The kite runner theme of storytelling

We can expect things to change between the boys, though it is unclear at this point how they will change. If Hassan is better at something than Amir, like solving riddles, Amir stops doing it.

In each case, Amir recognizes what he is doing just after the fact and feels guilty. The reader also sees how the young Amir continues to struggle with his inability to please Baba.

The kite runner theme of storytelling

Amir often finds passive-aggressive ways to take his frustration out on Hassan, such as mocking his ignorance or his inability to read. For Amir, the story represents his relationship with Baba.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for THE HIDING PLACE - [signed] at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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