The rememberer

A husband and wife face a mystic situation that eventually ends their relationship. The husband has begun to devolve, turning him into different creatures in less than a month. Her husband turned into an ape, turtle, then a salamander.

The rememberer

Where Coover collapses a single life into itself and blends the past and future into a single moment, Bender takes this conceit even further, compressing all of human evolution into a few months.

In a poignant twist, however, Bender reverses the evolution, but for just one half of a loving couple.

Are the two necessarily mutually exclusive? If so, what do we lose by choosing one over the other?

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These two poles are neatly represented in the story by Ben, choosing thoughtless experience of time in reverseand his lover, the narrator, Annie. What are the limits of love, of memory?

How does one resolve the inherent conflict between the ephemerality of love and human life with the timelessness of evolution and memory? Can love be eternal in a world where our lives are a string of half-remembered shared moments that appear meaningless compared to march of time?

Despite the ambivalence inherent in the story, narrator Annie expresses her goals explicitly: We, as humans, have minds evolved to remember and contemplate our lives as containers, ready to fill with memories. And alternatively, is life without memories simply the opposite, an inert skull waiting to be filled?The Rememberer is the story of Joyce Simmons Cheeka, who in was forcibly taken from her home and placed in the Tulalip Training School, a government-run boarding school under the jurisdiction.

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The rememberer

This is "Scene from "The Rememberer"" by Katheen Connor on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Join. The Rememberer By Elizabeth Stewart Power is now in the hands of women.

It is a kinder, more benevolent society, led by hereditary regional rulers known as Tarsheens. Only being a Rememberer or a Harborer remain as capital crimes.2/5(2).


rememberer \ ri- ˈmem- bər- ər \ noun. Synonyms & Antonyms for remember. Synonyms.

The rememberer

flash back (to) I remember telling him not to do it, but he did it anyway. I remember what that felt like.

As far as I can remember, I've never been late to a meeting. Annie recounts the plight of her lover Ben, who is rapidly devolving from human to ape to turtle. As this odd reverse evolution occurs, Annie must come to grips with the possibility that Ben may never regain his human form ever again.

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