The trends in the car industry

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The trends in the car industry

Before the onset of the computerized, automatic car wash systems, everything was done manually. These were manual car washes that involved a lot. These engineers envisioned a mechanism that would pull the cars through each cleaning stage.

Bythis vision became a reality. The first ever semiautomatic car wash debuted in Detroit. Conveyors with moving tracks were installed in car washes to replace the dangerous hook conveyors. Cars were pulled along these new tracks by machines while being scrubbed with manually operated brushes.

Self-serve car washes also debuted. They allowed drivers to hire car spray guns, brushes, and brushes to clean their own cars. They could also use their own shampooers, foam treatments, fragrances, tire cleaners, spot removers and spot free rinses at self-serve washes.

The Transition to Express Car Washes In the past couple of decades, there has been a movement towards fast, cost efficient car washes. The car wash industry understood that people were beginning to lose interest in full-service conveyor washes.

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The transition to express car washes was made in an effort to serve more people, clean cars quicker and charge customers less money.

Express washes reduced labor costs as extra services were offered before and after the vehicle made it through the tunnel wash self-serve. Flex-serve options also developed where customers got the best of both full-serve and express washes. It provided a fast wash at a low price along with the ability to tap into extra services.

They treat the water used in each wash with reclamation systems that recycle it for future use.

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They also have high tech computer controls and high pressure nozzles that preserve water. Electricity costs have been cut thanks to solutions like regulators that reduce dryer cycles.Car buyers are now visiting between one and one-and-a-half dealers before buying a car, compared with visiting four or five a generation ago.

Using analytics to assess this data for demographic and location trends, auto makers hope to gain savings from inventory and dealer facilities management. In the world of cars, speed and power are taking a back seat to technology and innovation.

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With offices in Portland, Oregon, and New York City, Digital Trends is operated by Designtechnica Corp., a media company that also publishes Digital Trends Español, a Spanish . In the world of cars, speed and power are taking a back seat to technology and innovation.

We’ll explain the how and why. Come along for the ride.

The trends in the car industry

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